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Good News for Chilean Sea Bass Lovers

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Every once in a while someone questions our decision to carry Chilean Sea Bass (a.k.a. Patagonian Toothfish).  It’s a great question!  There has been a lot of press over the years regarding the sustainability (or lack thereof) of Chilean Sea Bass.   The short answer is that we carry a very specific type of Toothfish that has been certified by …


Enjoy Oysters 12 Months of the Year

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Now that we’re smack dab in the heart of those infamous “Months without the letter ‘R’ in them” we’d like to address that oft-repeated myth about oysters… So, should you eat oysters in months without an ‘R’?  Yes, you should! Decades ago that phrase did hold some water.  Oysters shipped cross-country during hot summer months (May, June, July and August) …


What’s for Dinner Dad?

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Seafood, we hope!   Kids are notoriously picky eaters – but parents know that adding seafood to their diets has a multitude of health benefits (and it’s good for mom and dad too)!   If you’re looking for some more details on why we want your kids to eat more seafood, here’s a concise article from Parenting Magazine that lays out a …