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Celebrating Shrimp

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Attention all SHRIMP LOVERS – this month is for you!

All month long we’ll be celebrating Shrimp. Shop inside the Market for weekly deals, or have a seat at the Café and order one of delicious specials featuring Shrimp. We’ll also be providing recipes each week that pair per­fectly with our featured wines of the month. Don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself and let us know what you think!

Santa Monica Seafood carries many varieties of responsibly farm- raised and wild caught shrimp. They are easy and quick to prepare and they taste fantastic.  With its popular flavor profile and very firm texture, our shrimp is a delicious way to add a nutritional source of protein to your favorite dishes. Not only is it delectable, it’s also a good source of selenium, calcium, and iodine!

Did you know that Shrimp is sized by the number of shrimp per pound? For example, the designation 16/20 means each shrimp will weigh just about an ounce and you will get 16-20 each in one pound.

We offer a variety of types of shrimp – consult with our Seafood Specialists to see what works best for your dish and budget.

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