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National Seafood Month

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There’s a reason to celebrate every day in October…it’s National Seafood Month!

Many people love seafood and there are thousands of ways to enjoy the abundance of the sea.  Santa Monica Seafood offers a fantastic selection of premium products.

Seafood especially fish, can provide many essential nutrients and minerals that are part of a healthy diet.

Join us in celebrating this month by bringing home wild caught and farm-raised, sustainably sourced seafood that’s not just good for you, but sustainably sourced. We will be sharing new recipes that are simple to make yet delicious, and these recipes pair perfectly with our featured wines of the month.

With so much to choose from and only 31 days in the month, you’d better get started!

Wines of the Month SM

Wines of the Month SM

Wines of the Month CM

Wines of the Month CM



National Pescatarian Month Logo October


CLICK HERE to read all about National Pescatarian Month sponsored by The National Fisheries Institute (NFI).

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