Peaches and Seafood? Why not!

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Sweet and juicy peaches are in season and are delicious to eat right out of your hand, in a classic peach pie or sliced over yogurt and topped with granola… but have you ever thought about pairing peaches with your favorite seafood?

Hit your local Farmers Market and stock up on this seasonal delight!  Here’s a few ideas to get your tastebuds primed:

Sitck ‘em on a skewer – here’s a great recipe that pairs peaches with shrimp – what a combo!  Try these this weekend on your BBQ; you can eat them right off the skewers or try pulling the shrimp and peaches off when you’re done cooking and adding them to a green salad!

Here’s another combination that looks wonderful – peaches and salmon!  A little fresh mint and a pinch of cayenne keep things bright and lively.

Looking for something you can make ahead of time?  Try this Peach Chutney recipe – a great way to preserve peaches to enjoy later!  Top some seared scallops with Peach Chutney for an easy (and exotic) meal.  And if you’re going to a garden party or other summertime event, here’s a great gift idea – a jar of Peach Chutney paired with a Santa Monica Seafood gift card (along with some serving suggestions) would please any host or hostess!

Peach Salsa would also taste great on top of your favorite fish.  Or, you could whip up some tasty fish or shrimp tacos – peach salsa would make a unique and delicious addition to that meal as well.

Let us know what tasty fruit and seafood combos you like best!

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