Chill by the Grill – Featuring FRESH Cedar Plank Salmon!!


serves 4

It’s the season for family, fun and food! Get outside and warm up the grill. This fresh & frozen combination box features delicious, FRESH Atlantic Salmon enhanced by a traditional cedar plank, which will impart a delicate smoky flavor while making the cooking and clean up a snap! And, meaty, delicious frozen Swordfish steaks. This hearty treasure of the sea stands up to well to marinades and sauces. Why not try them both with Santa Monica Seafood Spicy Asian Apricot BBQ Sauce? We love it so much, we are including a bottle for you!

What You Will Receive:

2 Fresh Atlantic Salmon Fillets – 14-16 oz each
2 Cedar Planks
2 Swordfish Steaks – 8 oz each
1 Bottle of Santa Monica Seafood Spicy Asian Apricot BBQ Sauce