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Start your Day with Seafood

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Seafood for Breakfast? Why not start the day with protein rich seafood! If you’re looking for unique and delicious ways to get those two-servings-a-week in, we’ve got some great ideas!

Scrambles or omelets with seafood fillings are great for an everyday breakfast or for something more exciting, like a brunch. We like sweet bay shrimp with pesto, smoked trout with chives and creme fraiche and salmon with red onions and cream cheese. Crab meat also tastes great with eggs! Try a make-ahead strata with layers of savory smoked salmon? This recipe is a tasty time-saver, perfect for a busy weekend.

You can’t beat the classic toasted bagel piled high with cream cheese, onions, capers and smoked salmon. You can even wrap this one up to go. To make it even more travel friendly, ditch the bagel for a tortilla…

Why not top an English Muffin with a crab cake and a poached egg for a tasty variation on Eggs Benedict? Add a dash of Old Bay seasoning to your Hollandaise Sauce for an authentic taste of Maryland.

Looking for something with a Southern Flair? How about Shrimp and Grits for breakfast! This Carolina Low Country favorite is a delicious start to the day. Here’s a recipe we think you’ll enjoy.

Don’t feel like cooking at all? Stop by our Santa Barbara Public Market cafe – we’re now serving a delicious lox & bagel plate for breakfast!

And when all else fails – stick a jumbo cocktail shrimp into a Bloody Mary – cheers!

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