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Tis the Season for Giving

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Tis the Season for Giving – 

For the month of December, Santa Monica Seafood invites our customer family to join us as we celebrate the Season of Giving by adopting families in the Los Angeles and Orange County communities we serve. We are partnering with the Salvation Army and the Share Ourselves organizations to make the holidays shine for deserving families.  Our goal is to fill their holiday wish lists and with your help we can make that goal a reality!

We will keep you posted throughout the month as we work toward our goal of 100% wish fulfillment

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Stop by our Market any time this December and purchase any of our “Featured Items.” For every pound sold at each location, Santa Monica Seafood will donate $1 toward the purchase of clothing, food, toys and gifts for our adopted families.  You can also donate directly by visiting one of the links below:
  • Los Angeles County: give.salvationarmyusa.org
  • Orange County: shareourselves.org

Here’s a little background of the families we’re adopting:

LOS ANGELES COUNTY: santamonica.salvationarmy.org

Family #1: Alexa’s mom has been having a tough time keeping her family together.  Alexa’s dad left a few months ago, and she has a nearly one-year old baby brother who was born with down syndrome. Mom has been spending a lot of time at the hospital, since baby brother has had to have several surgeries and extensive care.  Fortunately, Alexa’s grandmother has been able to offer emotional support.  The four of them are soon to move into a low-income apartment, but finances have been very tight.  Mom can only work 2-days a week while her youngest receives medical care.  She would like to ensure her family has a full and Merry Christmas.

Family #2: Marisela, a single mother of four children ages 13, 11, 9, and 6, is currently raising her kids alone and also taking care of her elderly mother who is suffering health issues..  Her wish this holiday season is that her kids are each able to have a warm coat and something to open on Christmas morning.

ORANGE COUNTY: shareourselves.org

Family #1: This family of 6 is not only dealing with financial problems, but medical ones as well. Cardillio, the father, is working full-time but Rufina, the mother, has only been able to work part-time because of some vision problems. She has cataracts that need to be removed, but until her blood pressure is under control, the doctor cannot do the surgery. Liovigilda, their eldest daughter, pays for her own school and helps out with groceries for the family. Because of their economic struggles, they are only able to rent a small apartment.  Their wish list includes enough money to afford the medication Liovigilda needs and to be able to have a special holiday meal for the family and toys for the younger children.

Family #2: This past June, Angelica came to the area with her children in order to ensure their safety and the opportunity for a better life. She is dealing with the challenges of being a single mother trying to provide for her children. Heightening these challenges is the fact that when her daughter Emy was eight months old, she suffered severe seizures, which resulted in damage to the left side of her brain. As a result, she has a learning disability which causes her to have difficulty processing certain academic areas and social situations. Angelica is taking classes to improvement her employment opportunities and building a place for her family in her new community.  Angelica is working hard to improve their circumstances and hopes to ensure her children have a safe and happy holiday.

The staff at Santa Monica Seafood Retail Markets and Cafes are thankful for the many blessings we enjoy all year and are grateful to be able to give back to those who need a helping hand.  We hope you will join us in experiencing the joy of giving


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