Whole Fish Fridays

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Have you always wanted to cook whole fish but weren’t sure how to prepare it? Let Santa Monica Seafood help you select the perfect fish, provide expert (and easy!) cooking instructions and suggest the perfect pairings and garnishes.


Not only is whole fish simple to bake, grill, steam or fry, it makes an elegant presentation on any table. So go ahead, earn some bragging rights. Santa Monica Seafood makes whole fish easy!

We carry a variety of whole fish in our seafood case. Seafood Specialists are here to help you select the perfect fish and provide tips that will help you pull off your dish in style!

Our recommendations:

First, pick your fish:
• European Sea Bass
• Pacific Striped Bass
• New Zealand Sea Bream
• Tai Snapper
• Rainbow Trout
• Whole/Half Salmon (head off)
• Whitefish

Second, pick your cooking method:
• Roasted
• Grilled
• Steamed
• Deep Fry
• Smoked

Season your whole fish with your favorite seasoning or keep it simple with salt and black pepper. You can also stuff the cavity with lemon slices, herbs and aromatics.

Once cooked, simply enjoy it with rice, salads or any other sides of your choice.

Suggestion: Try it in a lettuce wrap or with a warm tortilla for fish tacos!

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