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Will Culinary School make you a Better Seafood Cook?

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We know a lot of you love to cook – that’s why you seek out specialty purveyors like Santa Monica Seafood when you’re on the hunt for special ingredients for your next dinner party. But what about taking it to the next level – as in becoming a professional chef?

There are many routes that lead to the kitchen, and culinary school is one of them. But is it a good route for you? We thought these comments compiled on Eater National were full of useful advice.

For instance, North Carolina’s Chef Ashley Christensen noted that “the folks that I have seen make the most of culinary school spent time in the field before heading to school.” So if you are thinking of heading back to class – you might want to spend some time in a professional kitchen (if you haven’t already).

Chef Suzanne Goin also commented that “Even for entry level positions we generally do not hire anyone without experience (even if they went to culinary school)” putting more emphasis on that important work experience.

We have a number of culinary school graduates working at Santa Monica Seafood in corporate positions that draw on their experiences in the kitchen and what they learned in cooking school. If you are considering culinary school, don’t forget there are many different ways to stay involved with the food industry that aren’t in the kitchen; sales, marketing; food science, diet and nutrition, and beyond.

No matter what, keep cooking! We love when customers come in eager to try new fish or shellfish. Experimenting is a great way to become a confident and flexible cook – just ask your friendly Santa Monica Seafood Expert what’s looking good the next time you come in – and if it’s something you’ve never tried – go for it! We’ll see you soon.

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