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Fill your Weekend with Seafood!

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What to Eat?

We’ve got some fresh ideas for you… If you shop in Santa Monica or Costa Mesa and you’re looking for an amazing seafood option this weekend, we’ll be featuring some fresh California swordfish in our markets!  Support California fishermen and enjoy some super fresh fish! We don’t see a lot of this local option, so come grab a pound or two while it’s available.

We’ve also been bringing in both Vermillion Rockfish and fresh Dungeness Crabs (whole, cooked crabs – ready to eat) which we don’t always have but when we do you’re going to want to jump on those Pacific Coast superstars.

Keep an eye out for wild salmon, rockfish, petrale and Dover sole from our domestic Pacific fisheries.  No problem getting your suggested two servings of seafood a week with this line up!

How to Eat it?

We stumbled across this great blog post the other day that features fresh Albacore Tuna! Looks like a great recipe, give it a try this weekend.   Why not try it with some of that fresh CA Swordfish?

We’ve also got Lobster Tails on special staring Saturday.  Have you ever thought about cooking lobster tails on a cedar plank? Here’s a great method from the folks at Williams Sonoma.

What to Eat it with?

If you’re thinking about picking up some oysters to shuck this weekend and you’re planning to pair them with a nice white wine, this article from Food & Wine that has some unique suggestions for pairing oysters with red wine (yes, red wine!).  Check it out.

Let us know how you’re enjoying seafood this weekend! 

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