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Go Nuts for Seafood

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Nuts are getting a lot of press these days as an easy and delicious addition to a healthy diet.  Since seafood is also a great choice for those of you looking to eat smart, we thought we’d offer up some cooking ideas and recipes that combine these two great foods!

This easy recipe from Williams-Sonoma highlights the amazing flavors of the Mediterranean region.  Combining olives, pine nuts, basil and wine with a fresh piece of swordfish makes for a quick and elegant meal.

Nut-crusted fish is another popular way to add a tasty crunchy texture to your favorite fillet!  Go light with Tilapia or Trout or feature a heartier fish like Wild King salmon or Mahi Mahi.  Recipes feature macadamia nuts, almonds, pecans and peanuts.  Here’s one we liked that features pistachios!

A vinaigrette featuring nuts (like this one that highlights walnuts and walnut oil) is a great way to add a unique flavor to a fresh salad.  Grab a pound of your favorite crabmeat and you have a great addition to a weekend brunch.

Don’t forget about shrimp!  Here’s a classic – Cashew Shrimp!  The whole family will love this savory combination.

Want to keep it simple? You can always just sprinkle some toasted chopped nuts on top of your finished fish as a tasty, crunchy garnish. Let us know your favorite recipe that combines seafood and nuts in the comments section below!

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