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Start your Day with Seafood

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Seafood for Breakfast? Why not start the day with protein rich seafood! If you’re looking for unique and delicious ways to get those two-servings-a-week in, we’ve got some great ideas! Scrambles or omelets with seafood fillings are great for an everyday breakfast or for something more exciting, like a brunch. We like sweet bay shrimp with pesto, smoked trout with …


Help Protect Bristol Bay

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The Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association (BBRSDA) has some important questions to ask you: Do you eat wild, sustainable seafood? Do you dream of going to Alaska and/or have you already been to the Last Frontier? Do you believe that wild salmon matter and are worth protecting for future generations? If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, …

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Will Culinary School make you a Better Seafood Cook?

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We know a lot of you love to cook – that’s why you seek out specialty purveyors like Santa Monica Seafood when you’re on the hunt for special ingredients for your next dinner party. But what about taking it to the next level – as in becoming a professional chef? There are many routes that lead to the kitchen, and …