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Show us your Mussels!

smseafoodmarketChoosing Seafood

We’re big fans of farmed mussels – they are super easy to work with, delicious, sustainable and nutritious! What’s not to love…

When buying live mussels in the shell, look for mussels that are tightly closed. If they are gaping slightly, they should close when disturbed – your local Santa Monica Seafood Specialist is happy to guide you through choosing some perfect mussels!

Buy mussels as close to the day you plan to use them as possible. Store them in the refrigerator when you get home. Our mussels have already been purged, so no need to soak them – just a quick rinse and they are ready to cook.

Farmed mussels are ranked GREEN or “Best Choice” by Seafood Watch. They have little to no impact on the surrounding ecosystem, and get their feed naturally from the waters they are grown in. They grow quickly and are a low-impact source of lean protein – a smart addition to your kitchen.

Mussels are great on their own – steamed in your favorite beer (if that happens to be Pabst Blue Ribbon – click here!) or a splash of wine or stock with some garlic and fresh herbs. You can also add them to seafood soups and stews.  Looking for a ready-made-meal? Just grab a jar of our delicious Santa Monica Seafood Cioppino Sauce for a super easy sauce for mussels (add some clams and shrimp while you’re at it.) These versatile bi-valves are delicious with pasta,rice or couscous, perfect in curries or stir fries and don’t forget about smoked mussels – another tasty treat!

How do you like to cook mussels? Feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below.