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California Wildfire Donation

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All of us at Santa Monica Seafood are tremendously saddened at the loss of lives and property caused by the devastating California wildfires. We are honored and grateful to be part of the communities we serve, and as such felt a meaningful contribution to help ease the suffering of the victims was in order. We have decided to make our …

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Santa Monica is going green!

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We are taking our knowledge and values and applying them deeper into our core at Santa Monica Seafood. We have decided to go green at our retail store in Santa Monica by working with Sustainable Works and their Business Greening Program! We are so excited to share this news with you! What does going green mean for us? It means we …

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Cioppino made easy!


You requested, we listened! We have had numerous requests for assistance in the Cioppino department. One of my favorite things to do is help educate people on the simplicity of cooking seafood. For this entry, we are going to break down the steps to making an easy and flawless Cioppino! This is one of those dishes you CAN’T mess up! You …

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FDA Conducts Research into Seafood Fraud


Santa Monica Seafood has been participating in a balanced conversation about seafood fraud over the last several years, and we recently worked to stop the State of California from implementing new seafood labeling laws – not because we don’t think seafood fraud is a serious problem, but because we think it’s a problem best handled by implementing laws that already exist. However, …

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Put some Bacon on it!

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Everybody loves bacon these days – we love it because its an easy way to add some delicious complimentary flavor to a wide variety of seafood items! Let’s start with the obvious – bacon wrapped shrimp and or scallops.  Shrimp and scallops are ready to cook – just wrap a slice (or a portion of a slice) around each shrimp …

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Start your Day with Seafood

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Seafood for Breakfast? Why not start the day with protein rich seafood! If you’re looking for unique and delicious ways to get those two-servings-a-week in, we’ve got some great ideas! Scrambles or omelets with seafood fillings are great for an everyday breakfast or for something more exciting, like a brunch. We like sweet bay shrimp with pesto, smoked trout with …

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Will Culinary School make you a Better Seafood Cook?

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We know a lot of you love to cook – that’s why you seek out specialty purveyors like Santa Monica Seafood when you’re on the hunt for special ingredients for your next dinner party. But what about taking it to the next level – as in becoming a professional chef? There are many routes that lead to the kitchen, and …

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Pass (on) The Salt, Please

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Everyone knows that seafood is a healthy choice – don’t take away those health benefits by seasoning with too much salt!  Here are some ways to reduce your sodium use when cooking seafood. Cook from Scratch The easiest way to control sodium intake is in your own kitchen!  Cooking from scratch means you have total control over how much salt …