What’s for Dinner Dad?

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Seafood, we hope!   Kids are notoriously picky eaters – but parents know that adding seafood to their diets has a multitude of health benefits (and it’s good for mom and dad too)!   If you’re looking for some more details on why we want your kids to eat more seafood, here’s a concise article from Parenting Magazine that lays out a lot of great points.

So, now you’re ready to start serving your kids more seafood… but what to put on the dinner table? We recommend starting with milder, more delicate options like tilapia and catfish, two farmed options that are mild and inexpensive.  Keep the seasonings simple (and double check for bones).  Petrale Sole and halibut are two great wild options that they will also love.

Homemade fish nuggets are a winning option – bread or batter small pieces of those milder options and pair them with a tasty dipping sauce – kids love finger food!

Try some pasta with a little seafood – rock shrimp perhaps?  Or add some albacore to a tomato based pasta sauce – they’ll never know it’s in there!

A mini fish burger or fish sandwich is another great kid friendly option – pair with some oven baked fries to keep it healthy. We also think a crab cake on a bun would make any kid smile (and clean his or her plate)!

Bring your kids in with you when you shop! Young children (well, children of any age) love to check out whole fish and live lobsters/crabs.  This is a great chance to educate them and help involve them in the shopping and recipe prep.  Kids love to peel shrimp or help with easy tasks like rinsing mussels and clams.

Finally, don’t underestimate them…we’ve all seen kids wolfing down sushi, or asking their parents for a bite of octopus.  Give your kids a chance to enjoy seafood!



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