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Pass (on) The Salt, Please

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Everyone knows that seafood is a healthy choice – don’t take away those health benefits by seasoning with too much salt!  Here are some ways to reduce your sodium use when cooking seafood. Cook from Scratch The easiest way to control sodium intake is in your own kitchen!  Cooking from scratch means you have total control over how much salt …

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Show us your Mussels!

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We’re big fans of farmed mussels – they are super easy to work with, delicious, sustainable and nutritious! What’s not to love… When buying live mussels in the shell, look for mussels that are tightly closed. If they are gaping slightly, they should close when disturbed – your local Santa Monica Seafood Specialist is happy to guide you through choosing …

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Good News for Chilean Sea Bass Lovers

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Every once in a while someone questions our decision to carry Chilean Sea Bass (a.k.a. Patagonian Toothfish).  It’s a great question!  There has been a lot of press over the years regarding the sustainability (or lack thereof) of Chilean Sea Bass.   The short answer is that we carry a very specific type of Toothfish that has been certified by …


Enjoy Oysters 12 Months of the Year

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Now that we’re smack dab in the heart of those infamous “Months without the letter ‘R’ in them” we’d like to address that oft-repeated myth about oysters… So, should you eat oysters in months without an ‘R’?  Yes, you should! Decades ago that phrase did hold some water.  Oysters shipped cross-country during hot summer months (May, June, July and August) …


What’s for Dinner Dad?

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Seafood, we hope!   Kids are notoriously picky eaters – but parents know that adding seafood to their diets has a multitude of health benefits (and it’s good for mom and dad too)!   If you’re looking for some more details on why we want your kids to eat more seafood, here’s a concise article from Parenting Magazine that lays out a …